McMaster University DeltaHacks

In February of 2015 McMaster hosted Deltahacks,a 24 hour competition open to all university students in which your team develops a software or hardware “hack” to solve some problem. Our team was very successful coming in 2nd place as a team of 1st year students.

Project Scope

The idea we came up with early in the competition is an app that would remove certain words from your vocabulary. The app was to listen for user specified words and the device will vibrate every time it recognizes the user say that defined word. The app would be particularly useful for practicing presentations to identify when you unknowingly use crutch words such as “like” or “uhm”. My role for this project was to create the Play Store logo and banner and icons for the app. I also was responsible for assembling the user input list and the dictionary sorter for the app. We went trough a condensed development process because of our significant time constraints but manage to get our app working on multiple devices and even added it to the Google Play Store under the name “CensorMe”.

People Involved

Grace Kumagai: University of Toronto

Arkady Arkhangorodsky: University of Toronto

Jack Ziemba: McMaster University

Matt Leyland: McMaster University

Skills Involved

  • Photoshop and Android Studio SDK
  • Collaboration with students from other Universities
  • Condensed software development process

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