McMaster Engineering EcoCAR3 Development Challenge

The development challenge was issued to new members of the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR3 team. Teams were to build an autonomous, maze solving robot in attempts to spark creativity, familiarize themselves with team software and work in a multidisciplinary environment. Our team managed to produce the only functioning robot and as a result won multiple awards including 1st place overall and the Best Mechanical Report Award.

Project Scope

The goal for this project was to develop an autonomous robot that could solve a maze as quickly as possible. Teams we’re to design and build their robots using set of rules that left the project very open ended. Our robot made use of a custom PCB to handle all the various sensors and processed its information using an Arduino Uno.  The robot also sat on a custom 3D printed chassis to integrate multiple components including line and ultrasonic sensors.

People Involved

Christina Riczu: Electrical team member responsible for the design and fabrication of the custom printed circuit board and integration of required sensors

Jack Ziemba: Controls team member responsible for the MATLAB Simulink model that controlled the robot

Matt Leyland: Mechanical team member responsible for the robot CAD model, integration of components, 3D printed parts and assembly.

Skills Involved

  • Detailed model created using Siemens NX
  • Careful collaboration with team members
  • Rapid prototyping techniques

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