Expressive Aphasia Design Project

In September of 2014, my first semester at McMaster, me and a team of 3 others were assigned to create a device to assist our client who is a stroke survivor suffering from expressive aphasia. We met all of our deliverables and finished with a functional prototype of our design.

Project Scope

Our device is designed to help our client in the rehabilitation of his right hand, which has limited mobility after suffering from expressive aphasia. We created a device to help with the buttering of bread which was one of the everyday tasks we could have chosen for our project. Our idea was unique in the sense that it focused on both making the simple task easier, but it also enables our client to effectively embark on his rehabilitation process by still forcing the use of his hand. My role in this project was the construction and modeling of the device. My role in the project was in the construction of the final prototype and modeling our ideas in Autodesk Inventor. I also aided in the conceptual design process and the creation of our final pitch.

People Involved

Aingkaran Jegatheeswaran: McMaster University

Benhamin Bakker: McMaster University

Serjan Kairosh: McMaster University

Matt Leyland: McMaster University

Skills Involved

  • Detailed model created in Autodesk Inventor
  • Basic shop skills
  • Technical report writing and presentation skills

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