Gear Train Design Project

In 2014, 1st year engineering students were assigned to create a 3D printed gear train to be used inside of a hard disc drive

Project Scope

The goal for this project was to create a gear train to be used inside of a hard disc drive. A set of gears were created such that they may take an input speed of 77900rpm and produce an output speed of 1000rpm. The gears were designed to fit in the small predefined space but were scaled up in order to 3D print a prototype.

People Involved

Cameron Swinoga: Modeling and Rapid prototyping

Jack Ziemba: Modeling, Gear calculation and MapleSim

Matt Leyland: Modeling, Gear calculation and MapleSim

Skills Involved

  • CAD model created in Autodesk Inventor
  • Careful collaboration with team members
  • Rapid prototyping techniques
  • MapleSim

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