Egg Drop Challenge

In my grade 12 year we participated in the classic egg drop challenge in our physics class. We decided to take a different approach and build a unique solution to the problem and build a versatile and reusable device that uses air pressure to protect the egg.

Project Scope

The main goal of the project was to protect an egg from impact when dropped from the 3rd floor. The project had a few technical constraints that groups had to meet (hit a target, fit in a .5m cube, etc.).  The egg was housed in a small capsule that sat at the top of the tube and was dislodged on impact and slowed down by increasing air resistance as it travels down the mail tube. I modeled the device and ran the FEA while myself and Connor Foster built the device.

People Involved

Grace Kumagai: M.M Robinson Highschool, University of Toronto

Connor Foster: M.M Robinson Highschool, Humber College

Matt Leyland: M.M Robinson Highschool, McMaster University

Teodor Bularda: M.M Robinson Highschool, Mohawk College

Skills Involved

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Basic Shop skills

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